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Information on Publisher, Copyright and ISBN, Volume I

The Psychological Basis of Mental Prayer in the Heart
Volume I: The Orthodox Doctrine of the Person
Fr Theophanes (Constantine)
Published by:

Timios Prodromos
PO BOX 35015
Edmonton AB T5J 0B7

Email: timiosdotprodromos at gmaildotcom
Set: 978-1-988342-00-9
Volume I: 978-1-988342-01-6
Copyright © Fr Theophanes (Constantine) 2006, 2014
All rights reserved, including all rights of translation into any language of the world. This is Volume I of a three-volume work. The other two volumes are:
Volume II: The Evagrian Ascetical System
ISBN 978-1-988342-02-3; and
Volume III: Hesychian Sobriety
ISBN 978-1-988342-03-0.
1st Edition–18/02/06–TP; 2nd Edition–12/10/14

This on-line edition of The Orthodox Doctrine of the Person contains the complete text.